Hua Hin Expats Tips and FAQ

On this page you can find tips on a wide variety of topics like immigration, taxes and money, pets, family & schools, recreation, housing and etc. Tips are posted by our readers - both expats and local in response to queries from other readers. To post your tips or questions for other Hua Hin Expats please use the form on the Contact Hua Hin Expat page.

Dear friends, any recomendation for an international pre-school(age 4)with english medium. Also contact for piano,ballet or swimming classes. Is Hua hin/Cha -Am is family friendly environment? Appreciate your gracious reply and assistance. Thank you (God bless).
Thiva Kesavan

Now living in Pattaya. Contemplating moving to Hua Hin. I have a Multiple Entry Retirement Visa. Can anyone tell me if I can get the same Visa at immigration in Hua Hin, or would I need to go to bangkok ? Regards Tony Heron

I am looking for the address of Office for Transport and Land to request a border passport for my car to cross to Laos etc. Thank you in advance. Alfred Sutter Hua Hin.

I am contacting you re the communicaiton you have here reffering to the Veranda Spa Resort. Having spend 3 days there with my family I am completelly astounded at the lack of any international approach of the senior staff there. Leaving the hotel I was convinced that they are really not that bothered about foreingers as their customers. Which is absolutelly fine as in spite of beautifull surroundings my family and I had a terrible time. As a seasoned traveller and an expat in Asia since 2000, I found their lack of flexibility quite uncharacteristic for Thais.
Best regards, Oana Ocico

Would anyone be able to give me any information on bringing my pet dog into Thailand, i.e., what health requirements the authorities have to allow entry. Many thanks. Alison Evans